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Psychologists have found that people fall into two groups on the question of what makes for a successful relationship: Group one believes it’s based primarily on finding the “right person” (soulmate); while group two believes in the “work at it consistently” approach to lasting love.The soulmate group believes that choosing the right person helps overcome most of the problems that love throws our way.The quest of life is to find that missing half, that twin flame.But the soulmate idea also carries with it the belief that a perfect person exists for us, if only we could find him or her. This last belief has gotten people into a lot of trouble, especially in the area of commitment. Maybe it was chemistry or that he/she didn’t match their ideal of the One and so on.

Let's face it, your average straight cis-gender teenage boy isn't going to pursue a relationship with a trans-girl. As a 15-year-old teenage girl, I can attest to the fact that boys dominate most conversations between girls my age. It's something I dream of, something I want to feel.It really isn’t as hard as finding a needle in a haystack.As a matter of fact, it’s as simple as taking a walk in the park. How to find your soulmate You can sit back and wait for love to find you, and it may never really happen.

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