Am i dating a spoiled brat

I hurt my parents' feelings more times than I can count because I was such a brat.

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For a short-term party thing, a spoiled brat is great company and mucho fun to be with because of their unpredictibility and love of variety in life... but only long enough to find out if they are worth it. Unfortunately, such attitudes are often the result of being of above average beauty, because society conditions them throughout life with additional rewards. I went on a date with one such guy who thought he was hotsh! It was a relaxed sort of date and we went to catch a movie at the mall.

So let me start off by saying I have dated quite a variety of guys. I immediately began to think of our future and us going on vacations together and looking cute all cuddled up on the couch eating brownies.

Throughout my posts I am going to give these guys nicknames that I believe suits them and the experiences I had. I have no hard feelings for anyone in my past, I believe in forgiveness and there are always 2 sides to every story. I began to Google him, try to stalk his Facebook like a creepy little sneaky detective because lets be real, its really fun and awesome and I love CSI.

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In the first definition I would probably be considered a spoilt brat!

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