Are francesca and tyler still dating

They first met during a shoot and it was love at first sight."She blew me away. I had to have her in my life, then it turned into something more," said Shields in a past interview.Eastwood added: "He said the moment I walked in the door, he knew I would be his girlfriend."Well, he'll certainly be cheering for his gal come January. Eastwood, who's been acting since the ripe old age of 2, said she's a little worried about the big Golden Globes night, for one particular reason. Eastwood says she's a little nervous about the big night, which is slated for January 13, 2013.

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Eastwood previously dated photographer Tyler Shields (yes, the same one who took the risqué topless pics of Abigail Breslin).

Francesca Eastwood was questioned by cops after neighbors of her ex-BF Tyler Shields reported someone was burglarizing his L. We talked to Shields afterward -- while he was cleaning up the mess from the broken glass.

Sources close the situation tell us police got to Shields' house Saturday evening, and found a front door window had been smashed ... Officers stuck around to maintain peace until she left.

Eastwood was also out last night and not wearing a wedding ring.

Last year's Miss Golden Globe was on hand at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's awards season kick-off party in West Hollywood to pass along the title to Sosie Bacon.

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