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SINGLE dad Jason Mesnick, star of “The Bachelor,” is the reason the show is so popular again, says former “Bachelorette” troublemaker Deanna Pappas.

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I told him if he’d open up a club with me, girls would like him. The Midtown building, now painted a cheerful blue, dates back to the 1920s.So we were surprised when we realized that this once pompous, self-obsessed reality star has a kinder, much more altruistic side when he appeared on "Confessions of a Teen Idol" in 2008 and, just a few days ago, when he stripped nude and dove into a frozen lake to save a dog that had fallen through the ice.Kevin Powell - "The Real World: New York" (1992) Kevin Powell was reality TV's original angry young black man.Among the many topics Miss Pop-o-Matic has covered are the trials and tribulations of Bachelorette De Anna Pappas, who went from brokenhearted reject to delighted center of attention to blissful fiancee to coldhearted publicity hound.So imagine my surprise when, just a week ago, I interviewed Ace Amerson of The Real World: Paris fame and he told me he and Pappas are currently "talking" (and not about the weather if you get my drift).

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    According to the young woman, who is now 18, the relationship began soon after she turned 16. The relationship progressed to physical intimacy, kissing and touching before the girl turned 18.