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The proliferation of wealth currently being amassed by hedge fund managers has resulted in a display of opulent living that harkens back to the days of the wealthy industrialists at the turn of the century.

But even before the robber barons or, more recently, the Internet millionaires and hedge fund managers of today, the Maharajas of India’s royal families had untold wealth and riches.

Most notably, the Maharajas of Baroda were known to have wealth of mythical proportions that included legendary jewels.

The desire of the Maharajas to acquire flawless pearls for their crown jewels seemed limitless.

In contrast to the scene below, the building occupied by the naked man is painted in warmer reds and pinks, which serves to magnify the distinction between the private realm of the man’s abode and the public world outside.

You Can’t Please All was painted in 1981 in Baroda, in Gujarat, India, and took five months to complete.

The balcony wall on which the naked man leans has a large section cut out of it, which, along with the visible interiors of the houses and the car door flung wide, gives the scene a sense of openness, heightened by the aerial perspective afforded by the view from the balcony.

It was considered to be one of the most important pieces in their collection and its luminous pearls, originally designed to include seven strands, represented the wealth and power of the Gaekwars.

Many decades later, in 1943, the Baroda Maharaja Pratapsingh Rao (r.1939-1947) made headlines when he left his wife to marry a 26- year-old woman who was married to another man.

The scene is sparsely populated and painted in cool blues, greys and greens which, along with the dark sky in the top left corner and the lights in the windows of the buildings, evoke twilight.

Two figures and a donkey can be seen together in three seemingly separate instances, which appear to represent the same characters at different moments in time, implied by the difference in scale between each depiction.

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