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I shared her status, saying “Vote for my friend, I’d try out myself if I weren’t too old.” I should know not to put ideas like that in my head if I’m not prepared to follow through, because my next step was to look and see what the age requirements are for Colts cheerleaders. I did not tell many people I was actually going because I fully intended on chickening out at some point during the 40 minute drive.My sweet, supportive husband said: “You should do it! ” A couple of close friends said the same words, and I repeated them to myself as I drove toward doing something that made me question my sanity.

They chat about boys and cheerleading and the conversation eventually turns to Corky and Bobbi. As Kimmy drives past the cemetery, Debra says that the spirit that killed Bobbi is still around and it's only a matter of time before it strikes again. Kimmy tells Debra that she needs to get her head out of the occult books and back into reality. Unfortunately, Corky runs a few steps further before tripping over a low gravestone and falling into a pile of wet leaves. Wet leaves suck almost as much as psychotic stalkers.

I stood next to the friendliest face I saw and jumped into the workout.

It was an hour-long high intensity interval training workout, and it definitely was intense!

I blared There might have been a few tears as I thought about walking into a room filled with perfect-bodied young cheerleaders as if I belonged there.

I got there a few minutes late—everyone was already warmed up and starting the workout as I walked in.

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