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“Every technological innovation creates deviant as well as respectable possibilities.” So opens an essay written by Charles Edgley and Kenneth Kiser in 1982.The invention of instant photography represented by the Polaroid Camera facilitated homemade pornography, known in its day as “Polaroid sex.” Polaroid sex allowed young women, who were identified as “bad girls”, to pose for “naughty” pictures and engage in more egalitarian sexual pursuits.

Highlight was the most talked about app that alerts users on their i Phones, with push notifications, that other app users with similar interests are nearby.

I may be naive or misinformed, but I don't think we have such apps in this country, though perhaps we have them and they are beyond my ken, because I never went looking for them.

As a matter of fact, I don't use any apps, because I don't even have a cell phone.

Almost everyone I know has had that experience.”Liu is riding a wave that is sweeping away centuries of Chinese social tradition.

The country’s economic reforms began in the early ’80s and, although state media retains a tight grip over television and radio, Internet access provides a mind-expanding explosion of sexual consciousness.

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