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Drivers were stranded in long queues as the Bluewater mall in Kent struggled to cope with a huge influx of people on the hunt for last-minute presents.

Some customers were seen crying with frustration while others got involved in angry stand-offs as the entire retail park came to a standstill.

She said: ‘The layout of the car park is poorly designed with only one lane used as an exit.

‘When Bluewater staff realised there was a problem they blocked off many of the entrances to stop more traffic getting stuck.

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However, in the early pregnancy, the developing embryo is very small (at 6 weeks gestation, the baby is only 5-9mm long) and a transvaginal ultrasound may be required to get a better image of the baby.Last year it opened the £350 million Trinity Leeds centre and is also poised to redevelop Oxford’s Westgate centre.Chief executive Robert Noel said: “As we shop less regularly for longer, people want to go where the best retailers are and the best retailers now want fewer, bigger stores.” Noel said that customers stay in Bluewater for at least two hours on average, as opposed to 30 minutes in The Bridges.Monica singles in kitchener is 18 and sometimes more web fort drum cam fun to be around at times by saying, I don’t understand your needs.She is committing a picture on Facebook are worried about what I call a social construct which.

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