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aussiemate: can also mean angry, I'm told pel: PST is also an attention seeking sound :) xevad: stop drinking water gain many stones xevad: big sharp and painful ones Pampero: stop drinking and get liver stones aussiemate: micrometeorites make hardly any sound at all Pampero: but they hurt aussiemate: true but not a lot jackmani: the sound is working now but i turned up my speakers full volume and my computer is full volume too. aussiemate: maybe if you take off the head phones you might hear better? Mef: Indeed Mef: I hate those guys who play the stupid invasions that only work if you make 3 stupid mistakes.....then you make 3 stupid mistakes Game FAQs: :) mayk: don't hate them. helps to improve ;) Mef: oh I hate myself too Mef: I just like being bitter [Name Withheld]: many times, when a lower ranked person plays a higher ranked person - they seem to be stronger than they appear - this is most likely due to the fact that the lower ranked person isn't used to bad moves, while the high ranked person wouldnt make the same bad move godspeed: that sounded like cat stevens Im No Sensei: you know he went crazy?

I can hardly hear thesound aussiemate: hmm aussiemate: weird! aussiemate: I think he meant Gall stones, Beeblebaby aussiemate: no, maybe you are right aussiemate: you might get kidney stones if you stopped drinking Dr Straw: you are flooding aussiemate: ^_^ beeblebrox: but if you don't drink, nothing would pass through the kidneys to construct these stones lighthand: lol chat kops are so funny aussiemate: Dr Straw says you have to flood your kidneys though I think he meant flush Dr Straw: Dr Straw says you are not too old to be booted aussiemate: Dr Olczyk: You know what I really hate? Im No Sensei: denied all his work, including the rights on his songs godspeed: i knew he went muslim, but crazy, no Im No Sensei: well, he went pretty far muslim Im No Sensei: like integrist muslim godspeed: o_O Well Duh: they believe in the integers?

KAMPF-Maschinen laufen für jede Größe, jeden Zweck: KAMPF-Maschinen laufen und laufen – denn unser oberstes Prinzip heißt Verlässlichkeit. KAMPF-Maschinen laufen schon über 90 Jahre – unsere Erfahrung befähigt uns jedes Problem zu lösen und weit in die Zukunft zu blicken.

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