Intimidating phrases

The supposed stigma may be converted into an asset. La llorona is an important motif of ambivalence which, like the river, calls to Antonio and makes him fearful.Throughout the remainder of the novel, the wailing call of la llorona mixes with the owls cry, the winds mourning, and the church bells tollings to both lure Antonio and to alert him to danger. And if he/she sees any one of a set of toxic phrases….

Still, one of the most challenging aspects of learning a Chinese dialect is the pronunciation.

While not providing a direct/formal translation, Anaya provides a subtle translation in the context of the reading as a whole.

For those who are relatively comfortable with the Spanish intrusions in the text, no formal translation is necessary.

In the same way that repeating the same program over and over will result in a plateau/lack of change this phrase, similar to Go Hard or Go Home implies you need to hit a high intensity doing advanced exercises to hit your targets or fitness goals and it’s just not true.

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