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Keenan-Ivory-Dwaynes (Yes, you need Keenan Allen, Chris Ivory, Dwayne Allen and Dwayne Harris to make this work, but just do it, ok?

This year, election-based references will be at an all-time high. (Less popular: "Clinton-Dix for America" for Packers D/ST owners.) There are likely to be a few people swept up in the Harambe meme ("R. Boyz N Da Hood (Gotta draft Ezekiel Elliott, aka Ez-E, for this one.) Rawls Royces Pimpin’ Ain’t Breesy Brees the Sheriff Poppin’ Bortles Bortles Service Al Hurns and Gurley Dominate your draft: Get Fantasy Alarm's Draft Guide!The NBA D-League, which stands for the NBA 'Developmental' League, is the official minor league basketball organization of the real NBA. I am here to tell you that the D-League does exist. It's exactly like AAA or AA baseball in that sense. The following list is all of the current teams as well as teams that are either no longer in existence or have since changed their names to one of the currently active teams. People that were drafted in the NBA draft have to play on these teams. This is simultaneously the worst and best of the bunch. With the exception of die hard basketball fans, a lot of people have never heard of it. It's also a place for rookies to go play and remain a part of the organization if their skills aren't quite up to NBA level yet and they'd just be taking up space on the bench otherwise. Vote for the names that are the most thoroughly embarrassing. It's the best because it's enormously creative, unless I'm giving them too much credit (I'm definitely doing just that). It's the absolute worst because it manages to combine the worst things about The D-League, Basketball, and Los Angeles all at once. Also the "D" in the "D-League" is the worst part of the league. Let me unpack it piece by piece."D-" looks like a D-, which is worse than getting an F. I know it's supposed to mean "Dream" or "Developmental" but it looks like "Really bad players." Don't Highlight that.

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