Policy and procedure for updating windows

If you are using Windows 10 and want to be able to change Windows Update settings, this guide will help you.

Today in this article, we are going to tell you methods to remove this restriction and to become able to modify Windows Update download and install related settings.

In previous Windows versions, we could choose what updates are downloaded and installed.

In Windows 10, users have very less or almost no control over updates.

It’s no secret that Microsoft has changed the expected location of many tools and components in Windows 10.

Many of the settings have been moved from the classic Control Panel to the new Settings app, and in the process, some of the options have been completely removed.

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Microsoft didn't want Windows 10 users to modify Windows Update settings, the company wanted to prevent them from disabling Automatic Updates in Windows 10. Now click on "Check for updates" button to force Windows 10 to apply your changes. Now go to following key: PS: Set the value of AUOptions to 5 to be able to choose options in drop-down box on Windows Update settings page. Restart your computer and Windows will always notify you before downloading new updates: After applying changes in Registry Editor, restart your computer.

Google Chrome on Windows and Mac auto-updates itself on a regular basis.

The auto-updating procedure is performed by Google Update, which is based on the open-source Omaha project.

Imagine a situation when your system administrator or a 3rd party software or a malware disabled/restricted Windows Update settings page.

In such situations, you won't be able to change Windows Update download and installation related settings because all available options would be grayed out or completely removed. Microsoft has disabled customization of Windows Update settings in Windows 10 by removing all options related to Windows Update downloading and installation.

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