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At this point it was still undecided as to who should be vocalist.

The interim solution was that all three members took turns at singing before finally deciding that Bernard Sumner should take the main vocalist's role with Peter Hook as back-up (though he takes lead on 'Dreams Never End' and 'Doubts Even Here').

To say it’s the sound of a an unsettled, unsure unit is true by all means, but that characterization often takes away from how determined the group sounds.

In one respect, it was impossible for them to move entirely away from the post-punk leanings of Joy Division, evident on “ICB” (which stands for “Ian Curtis Buried”), “The Him” and “Denial.” Years later, in a 2013 interview with isn’t a New Order album; it isn’t, it’s Joy Division music with New Order vocals.” Sumner was in a particularly challenging position, trying to find his own voice – literally – while playing with the Joy Division core.

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'Dreams Never End' and 'Truth' were both played at the initial New Order concerts (still played as trio) in the US that September.

Peter Hook: What was really weird was when I heard it; it reminded me of the good times.

After the year I have had, and the legal wrangling that I'm going through with them lot, it was nice to be able to listen to 'Lost Sirens' and go, 'Oh, my God.

In recent years, most press coverage about New Order has focused on the increasingly heated animosity between Hook and his former cohorts -- singer Bernard Sumner, drummer Stephen Morris and keyboardist Gillian Gilbert.

And most of the tension centers on the remaining members' decision to reform as New Order in late 2011 minus its original bassist. shores in April when they play the annual Coachella festival in Indio, Calif.) Hook has also been busy touring with his new band, The Light, and controversially performing full albums from both Joy Division's and New Order's catalogs. Speaking exclusively to Billboard ahead of a two-week national book tour, Hook sets out to answer his former band's criticisms and set the record straight.

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