Tips for a good online dating profile

An innumerable amount of single Mormons have in their online dating profile: ‘I love to eat.’ ‘I love to have fun.’ Or it’s reversed form: ‘I am fun loving ‘I have a testimony, I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true.’ ‘I would like to date someone who is kind and honest.’ These descriptions are so general that they could apply to pretty much any single Latter-Day Saint or one of God’s 7.5 billion children on this earth. Who wants to date someone who is mean and dishonest?

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We asked him for his tips on how to improve your online dating profile.

Ideally, find someone who doesn’t know you that well but is still willing to give an honest assessment about how it might play.

Talk about your experiences, not your stuff It’s natural to want to show that you’re successful, “but to say I drive a 7-series BMW is very tacky.

Take care with your photos Langston is amazed by the poor quality of photos users post.

“I wish you could see the photos we see – it’s hilarious and it’s sad and it’s self-sabotaging.” He recommends using a variety of photos, including at least one head shot and one that shows your entire body.

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