Tisha campbell martin dating history

For years, after “The Cosby Show,” and “Family Matters,” there seemed to be a void shows that exhibited the life of a black family that wasn’t just stereotypical, but could also cross social, racial, and economic boundaries so it was enjoyable to all audiences. With a predominantly Black cast, and lead by the comedic stylings of Damon Wayans, the show was a hit for five seasons. Michael Kyle As the main character, Damon Wayans portrayed Michael, the lovable, but stern father and head of the Kyle household.

After a set back of teenage pregnancy with this wife, the duo grew up to have a pretty successful life, with three children.

But now Smith’s best friend, Tisha Campbell-Martin, is standing up for her with a rant of her own. Read the rest of the scathing caption, after the cut.

He wasn’t forthright with the many tax liens against him and that he hadn’t paid taxes for TEN years or the criminal past he hid from her.

Not that many would blame Tisha, what with all that alleged sexual harassment and physical abuse the actress reportedly suffered at the hands of her co-star.

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Actress Tasha Smith seemed to be up the creek without a paddle earlier this year when her then-husband, Keith Douglas, filed a restraining order against her and she was ordered to pay him a hefty amount in spousal support. It also came out in court that he had four different social security numbers.But I really didn’t have a clue.” Tisha expressed outrage but she was no saint either. However, we can say that the item quoted at the head of this page, attributed to the entertainment news/gossip site TMZ.com, is some rumormonger’s concoction.She also had previously acknowledged engaging in an alternative lifestyle during their marriage. Rumors have been swirling lately about an impending split in the marriage of actor Duane Martin and actress Tisha Campbell Martin and about their alleged pursuit of “alternative lifestyles.” We wouldn’t pretend to know anything about the details of the couple’s private lives other than to note that such rumors have generally been met with denials, such as the following offered in the couple’s recent interview with Essence magazine: Q: For the past month, the blogosphere has been filled with rumors about the future of your marriage. Duane: Mark Twain said it best: “A lie can travel halfway round the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” So I’m not going to defend myself against a gay rumor when I’m trying to defend my son against autism. (He was married to two of his ex-wives at the same time and didn’t tell her.) We found out after Tasha filed that This dude had JUST gotten married a couple months before he started dating Tasha. judge ruled in Tasha’s favor I’m so glad that I can now scream it to the world and it’s public knowledge because it’s all in the judge’s ruling… It is now public knowledge now that he had five other marriages Tasha new nothing about, the bigotry…

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