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It comes in two broad types, as of 2014; spinning disk hard disk drives and solid state hard drives.

Spinning disk drives have platters of magnetic material that get written and rewritten by a drive head. Solid state disk drives are much faster than spinning platters, and can fit unusual case shapes, like the Mac Book Air or Ultrabook, for example.

If your video or music collection is more extensive, BD-R DL or BD-R XL discs offer greater storage capacity (up to 3x that of BD-R or BD-R LTH) requiring fewer discs.

I called HP and they said they also thought it was a driver issue, and that they could access my computer remotely to install said drivers, but that my warranty had run out so it would cost me .99 (or 9.99 for unlimited tech support for the next year).After upgrading to windows 10, my computer no longer recognized my optical disk drive.It doesn't show up in the device manager, itunes won't import from a music cd, it just seems to no longer exist.When drive manufacturers test their products for maximum performance, they use Verbatim optical media so why wouldnt you?BD-R LTH media is manufactured using a Verbatim-exclusive organic dye that changes the disc’s reflectivity during recording from “low to high.” BD-R LTH discs have the same storage capacity as BD-R discs, but a more efficient manufacturing process allows the discs to be offered at a lower cost to consumers.

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