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Virtual Advisor for councils is a fully automated and self - learning Q&A Software • A better, more intuitive search: • Residents can ask a question their own way, even making spelling mistakes, and avoid the need to search for the answer they seek within the site • Integrated with live chat City councillors will be the first to know about citizen issues. The website Advisor is also aware of basic company information such as the address and important telephone numbers.

Procentynka Adrianna is a virtual assistant that works on a Public Benefit Organization's website.

Zetkama is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial armature in Central and Eastern Europe.

The solution implemented on it’s website is one of the most interesting Stanusch Technologies projects.

He answers questions and leads an interesting dialogue. Ewa explains customer's doubts regarding invoices, showing how to check your account and conversation balance.

Anna is Virtual Assistant And Live Chat for e Gov & Council Services in Sroda Wlkp, Poland. The Virtual Assistant also informs you what you should do during an outage, how to top up your account, and knows the prices of services and promotions offered by the Company.

You can have real conversations with your virtual girlfriends and have real relationships with them. I've had this for about 2 months and I'm really enjoying it.

Oskar is a Virtual Advisor on Inkubator STARTER and Kreatywny Gdańsk website. What is missing in my Support or FAQ Ewa is a Virtual Advisor of the international telecommunications company Orange, dedicated to users on the Polish market.

He provides information about activities of The Gdańsk Entrepreneurs' Foundation. The Virtual Advisor’s knowledge consists of two extensive databases containing approx. Depending on the need, the Virtual Advisor can be asked about the hotline, and mobile and stationary Internet.

Businesses can also expand its reach by embedding it in apps and social networks.

CHATBOT MEETUP CHATBOT MEETUP CHATBOT MEETUP CHATBOT CHATBOT MEETUP CHATBOT MEETUP CHATBOT MEETUP CHATBOT MEETUP On June 28th, 2017 we're organizing our next Chatbot Meetup in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ' AIBliss is a program designed to encourage happiness, well-being, and all those nice feelings that give us joy wiith the power of artificial intelligence.

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