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It is currently in Phase 2: building the Teck Acute Care Centre (TACC) and renovating the BC Women's Urgent Care Centre.Designed with patients, their families and care teams in mind, the redevelopment project’s vision is for a campus of patient-centred care that operates in an environment of quality, excellence and innovation.

Wilde was sentenced last year in England to nearly five years in prison for possessing child-pornography and inciting the sexual abuse of a child, according to West-Midlands police spokeswoman Hazel Steer.

She also blamed a man named Phil who was on the webcam, saying he coerced her."Child molesting is not a mistake; it is a conscience action," Tippecanoe County Deputy Prosecutor Jennifer Keifer said as she argued for a 42-year prison sentence.

While she was on the webcam with Phil, Leffert was messaging Hindsley and sent him lewd photos.

Wilde, who claimed to suffer from Asperger's syndrome -- a form of autism -- was ordered to sign the sexual offenders register and is banned from working with children for life. "I want to say that I am sorry," she told the court.

Meanwhile, Carr's four children have been removed from her custody, according to Assistant U. "I never meant to hurt anyone in my family, and I have regreted it ever since." Once released, Carr will receive a mandatory 10 years of supervision where along with checks for drugs and alcohol, her computer and internet use will be monitored, the documents said. "I have always thought that possession is bad enough, but production is another level of true evil," Woodcock said.

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