Weird dating

(Source | Via 1 | Via 2) Are you a sea captain in need of close companionship? It distinguishes between three genders: male, female, and sea captain.

Are you a landlubber who craves the crustiness of a grizzled old sailor? (Source | Via) Beautiful People, which as its name clearly states, is a dating site devoted exclusively to good looking people.

STOP PRESS : WEIRD WEBSITES is now available in a handy new pocket sized BOOK format - now you can read about the internet's strangest sites without the inconvenience of LANs, ISPs, GPSs, CIXs, APS, BUMs etc etc - Yep you simply open up the book and there, without the frustrating limitations of technology, is all the weirdness you'll ever need - so nip off to your local bookstore (or online store) and pick up a copy or two. Because of his size a Chinook helicopter had to be used to haul the patient to hospital. talent show after one of the contestants walked on stage wearing a pale turquoise cocktaildress. Closer to home there are a number of photos of the nudist ghost colony who haunt Glasgow Necropolis. An incredibly innovative site which will provide hours of destructive fun.

The man is Paul Mason, 48, believed to be the world's heaviest man. Former wardrobe assistant Tricia Sampson is finally breaking the silence surrounding last months wardrobe mishap on X-Factor. Also look out for the ghost of Marilyn Munro singing "Happy Birthday" for Bill Clinton. Just a pity it cant really harm those annoying sites!

If youve never believed in ghosts before you will definitely change your mind after visiting this bizarre site. With Net Disaster you can take a chain saw to any site - obliterating it completely.

If the most important questions you ask on a first date involves weed, you just hit the jackpot. Amidst the hubbub over Barack Obamas receipt of the Nobel peace honor, scant attention was initially paid to the Nobel Prize in Chemistry this year. All citizens must purchase health insurance for each pet living in their household. So, power up that old cathode-ray tube and get surfing! Americans are up in arms regarding a previously overlooked clause in H. 3200, the current version of Obamas healthcare bill. When visiting the sites you will meet some rich, ugly people who desperately want to marry you, you will have the opportunity to join 'The Interplanetary Society for the Hard of Thinking' and you will be shown how to send a plague of wasps to 'destroy' those websites that you hate. New research leaked from UK Government Health Offices reveal the reason why swine flu has become pandemic so quickly - the micro organisms can evagualate - that is they can interact with bio, mechanical and elocto organisms. This book brings together the weirdest of these weird sites for your amusement. Now, researcher Phil Lanois believes he may have found the underlying cause of these destructive events More . We have publish part of the list of passwords here. But there are far fewer that are truly weird and even fewer that are what-on-earth-is-that-all-about-weird.

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