Who is phil ivey dating

A professional gambler accused of cheating an Atlantic City casino out of .6 million by seeking an unfair edge at cards says the casino has its own method of gaining an advantage: plying gamblers with free booze served by flirty, scantily clad waitresses.Phil Ivey is using the unusual defense against allegations that he and a partner cheated while playing baccarat at The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in 2012. The Borgata claims Ivey and an associate exploited a defect in cards that enabled them to sort and arrange good cards.The gambler eyed the cards being laid out on the baize table and murmured quietly to his attractive Asian companion.She had accompanied him, he told the staff at the London casino, purely for 'good luck'.

One of those crushers has been on a tear this year and that makes the obvious choice: Bryn Kenney.Especially when the couple coolly walked out at the end of two nights of gambling that had seen a staggering £106 million won and lost at various times.In the end, they had made £7.7 million at James Bond's favourite card game.Ivey League is here to help you achieve your goals.Live play videos from Team Ivey Pros show you winning poker strategy at every level.

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