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My dad never accepted I could earn a living out of this. Jimmy Carr said once you’re famous the world becomes a friendlier place. What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever sent you? Then, when I was doing a signing, a woman leant forward and said, “Did you get your gorilla? ” I said thank you and she said, “I thought you might like that.”What is the best showbiz party you have ever been to? Probably the most star-studded thing is the BAFTAs. I don’t know how much damage I could do, but for 24 hours North Korea would be a lot more fun place with me inside that man’s body.

There was an element of jealousy – he would have told you that. I took my sister this year and we felt like two Shropshire bumpkins giggling in the corner. And I’d help him out as well because I’ve stopped smoking, so everyone would benefit – the people of North Korea and Kim.

We explore the careful path Heath treads to avoid encouraging fans of the...

Listen Date: 12th March 2013 Length: 76 mins Size: 52.62mb Suede-hooved waffler Carl Donnelly makes comic storytelling look easy.

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Will it be Essex boy Courtney or Welsh wonder Alana who claims the cash? You can watch the finale on BBC 1 from 21.00 – 22.00.The son of two Aber alumi, Rhod Gilbert is best known for his comedy genius.A former market researcher, his comedy career began in 2002.And Carmarthen band ' The Tates' drop in to chat about hamsters.Mike Bubbins, from the radio series ' The Unexplainers' is called upon to investigate a double banana.

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